My Real Reviews on Unlock Your Hip Flexors

We all wish to be more flexible, have great looking bodies and lose extra fat. We also want to gain strength and feel stronger. The problem is that getting all these things requires time and we all are pretty much busy in our lives. This is a review of “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” program. After reading this detailed review you will be able to make a decision about whether this program is a worthwhile purchase or not. You will also find this review helpful in accessing for yourself whether this program can help you or not.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – A basic introduction:

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      This is a program that is quite different from other diet and exercise plans that are sold in market. It is important to understand what hip flexors are firstly in order to get an idea about the program; flexors are tiny muscles that are found in upper groin region in humans, where thighs meet pelvis. These muscles really play a very important role as they are responsible for our ability to reach and balance.

Whether we run, bend, kick or even sit our hips are always working. Our all movements are dependent upon flexors, and our movements put stress on these muscles. Whether you are an athlete or have obesity issues,  they always have pain in region where thighs meet pelvis, and that pain is called as hip flexors back pain.

These tiny muscles cannot be identified in a normal person, but they can be identified in people who have bad posture. There are various other issues that a person might face due to not proper working of these muscles. Such issues consist of hip seizing, anxiety, immune system problems, circulation and even sleeping issues.

These all problem originate due to tight flexors. Unlock your Hip Flexors is a program that is all about how to add flexibility to your flexor muscles, for pain free life with optimum health.

About The Author

Like many other programs that are highly reputed, “Unlock your hip flexors” is also among programs that are created by highly respected professionals. It is authorized by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, they both are experts in fields of exercise, strength and weight training industry.

This program contains combined expertise of both these experts, and this is the one of the most prominent reason behind why this program has gained such high reputation in no time.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Review

Westerdal is a man of many talents. He is a trainer and author. He has written quite a lot on the topics of strength training, muscle building and body building. He is also a speaker and a seasoned teacher, who wants to help people in body or posture related issues. He has thousands of subscribers and has been featured in many weight training and fitness guides. He shares a lot of knowledge on related topics and this program compiled by him is based on his knowledge and experience over the years.

Rick Kaselj on the other hand has got a 16 years of experience in exercise and sports injury. His expertise is in the field of injury and injury prevention. Like Mike, Rick is also a very renowned personality and has worked with many great sport heroes. He has been featured by many top publications like yahoo news and iron man magazine.

How does Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Work?

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Within human body, there are two muscles combined known as psoas. These muscles make illopsoas, which connects human lower and upper body. This is basically the area which if becomes strained, causes pain in hips and human lower back. Psoas is the major muscle and our body flexibility is dependent on it and it also controls the movements between upper and lower body.

This muscle can be said as sensitive, because it can be damaged easily by a non-active lifestyle. If you sit in office all day long, but you have somewhat active lifestyle, you won’t face consequences. But there are people who have desk jobs and do not find time for exercise, such people are in danger.

If you are among people who spend large time sitting, you may be damaging your hips. You won’t even know it but you may face tight flexors consequences in few years.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Review

The program has been designed to deal with lower back pains or flexibility issues. It is a exercise training program that teaches you various exercises. It teaches you to perform various exercises in combinations to get free from rigid or tight hips. These exercises can really benefit you in multiple ways.

You will not only be putting an end to your pain but rather you will be getting flexibility and mobility by performing these exercises. These exercises can also help you in fat burning, strength building and muscle building. It is a complete package and you will enjoy numerous benefits by simply following these sets of exercises. Unlock your hip flexors program can help you in attaining a beautiful posture and living a healthy life. You can learn a lot and improve dramatically.

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What does Unlock your Hip Flexors Program contain?

This program has the capability of enhancing your health and adding beauty to your body. It can be said as set of various tools that can be used for gaining flexibility, strength and high energy. It is primarily a set of well constructed exercise sequences that will help you in unlocking your hip flexor muscles.

This program also contains a multimedia package and its foundation is said to be the DVD video. In any exercise focusing the right muscle is very important in order to stay away from any injury and to get exceptional results. In this video, Rick teaches and demonstrates how to perfectly focus your muscles to unlock your hips without any injury.

For your ease, Rick has divided the DVD in two parts. In first part, Rick demonstrates exercises with a very detailed description. He teaches how each exercise is done and what is needed in order to get most out of the exercise.

Part two is more of a play and follow. It is without explanations and you can simply play and follow to get results. Due to instructional videos, Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program is very easy to follow and it explains everything in detail. It helps you all along your journey making everything easier for you.

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Is there are guarantee and refund?

Yes, program that comes with a 60 day refund policy. It gives you enough time to decide for yourself whether the program is worth it or not. You money is totally secured by the refund policy and there is nothing to worry about. In case of any problem or if you are not satisfied with results, you can simply ask for a refund. Stop worrying and subscribe to this program.


The “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” is a program that is compiled by credible authors that are professionals. The program is very easy to follow due to its instructional videos. It also has a refundable policy of 60 days which is enough time to follow and know whether it is delivering results that it claimed or not. All of these things make this program a charming one.

It is also true that it has gained huge reputation in time which also portrays that it is a working one. Besides, a natural solution is always a better way to solve problems. Drugs and surgeries are costly and temporary solutions. Some of them might even work but there are also changes that they will worsen the problem. The program seems to be a good one and we recommend buying it.

We cannot guarantee that it will work for you, but we hope that it does. This statement might be a shock to you, but the truth is that you do not have to lose anything. If you are being offered a solution that is natural and is available for such low cost, go for it.

If Unlock Your Hip Flexors works, your miseries and sufferings come to an end; and if it does not, you have nothing to lose. You can ask for a refund and claim your money back. It is a win win deal.

We hope that we have covered all the major aspects of the program and you would have found this review to be helpful. In case you have any queries, you can contact us anytime.

buy hip flexors unlock
buy hip flexors unlock